Washington Square Dental, San Francisco CA

(LEED ID+C Silver)

reBuild Consulting, in conjunction with Montalba Architects and owners Dr. Jared Pool, DDS and Dr. Sara Creighton, DDS, announce the opening of a newly constructed 1,900 square feet dental office in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.

Achieving USGBC LEED Silver certification, Washington Square Park Dental looks to the surrounding urban area for design inspiration. The design and construction team’s efforts produced quantifiable sustainable results. Retrofitting restrooms provided 50% water use reduction. Environmentally selected building materials were comprised of 27.5% recycled material and 29% regionally manufactured material. 100% of the equipment and appliances are Energy Star appliances. We reduced the standard lighting power by 25% and improved occupant air quality through increasing outside air ventilation by over 30%. As the ID Green Operations credit, WSPD also shows a commitment to sustainability beyond the constructed facilities and has almost entirely eliminated paper from its operations.

Download : Project Summary & Images / LEED Education Brochure