reBuild Consulting does not take a one sized fits all approach to your project. Our services for each green building project are customized our client’s needs, experience, and budget. We are confident we can work with you to find an affordable yet appropriate approach to your unique project.

LEED Consulting & Project Management

reBuild Consulting brings the experience of over 35 LEED certified and registered projects to the management of your project. With backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and development, the resources of our team brings a focused and holistic approach to LEED Project Management. We cater our full or partial assist services to the needs of your project in order to create an efficient and effective course of action towards LEED certification.

Clients Include:
Bend Broadband Vault Data Center (LEED BD+C Gold)
Washington Square Dental, San Francisco CA (LEED ID+C Silver)

Customizable LEED Project Support

reBuild Consulting brings a customizable approach to your LEED project. Whether you just need someone to look over your work or actually do the documentation for you, we can adapt our service proposal to fit your project needs.

    1) Technical Support
    Whether you are the LEED project manager or team member, use us as a resource as you apply LEED. We over technical support for LEED credit requirements, documentation guidance and advice on credit application to your project and on hourly basis. Before you submit a question to LEED Online, contact us for professional support.

    2) LEED Documentation
    With our thorough understanding of LEED documentation requirements, we offer documentation services on almost all credits for owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. We can provide assistance, examples or even produce the documentation for project teams.

    3) LEED Documentation Review
    Prior to submitting your documentation for review by the USGBC, reBuild can provide an internal audit through an in-depth examination of your team’s documentation.

    4) Integration/Review of LEED requirements in Contract Documents & Specifications

    5) LEED Contractor Support
    Following LEED in the specifications can be overwhelming which is why reBuild provides guidance for contractors. We’ll review the specifications and create a LEED action plan for your company to integrate requirements into your current construction practices. We will help you inform the subcontractor of their responsibilities and create a system to collect the pertinent documentation while minimizing unnecessary steps. reBuild can help construction companies build their internal capacity to strengthen their qualifications for future projects.

Clients include:
Bay Area Chinese Bible Church (Anticipated LEED BD+C Gold)
Southern California Edison Data Center (Anticipated LEED BD+C Gold)
Architects | Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker
Torres Construction, 1 Van Ness, San Francisco Department of Public Works, SF CA (LEED ID+C Gold)

CALGreen Compliance / Municipal Green Bldg. Ordinance

CALGreen, the country’s first green building code, is also now in effect in California. While designed to ensure a base level of green building measures are met for all new construction projects in the state, the implementation of the code by local building departments varies greatly. reBuild consulting can provide full project management services to ensure compliance under CALGreen. We also provide indepth training workshops for architects, contractors, and city officials to review the new code requirements, examine how CALGreen compares to other third party rating systems like LEED© and provide tips and tools to navigate the submittal and review process.

Cities across the country are adopting similar green building requirements at a rapid rate. These requirements can often be complex, confusing and down right puzzling. reBuild consulting will help you navigate the multitude of requirements now in place in many municipalities throughout the country. ReBuild Consulting works with building owners, designers, and contractors throughout the design, permitting and construction process to help ensure full code compliance and documentation requirements are met. We will work with the team early in the design process, meet with local officials to review documentation and get you what you need to earn your planning approvals and building permits. For municipalities requiring a licensed Green Building Compliance Professional of Record, reBuild Consulting provides sign-off and verification services.

Clients include:
Dropbox, San Francisco

Energy Star Certification

ENERGY STAR qualified buildings demonstrate a building’s commitment to reduce energy consumption, fight global warming and reduce its environmental impact. ENERGY STAR qualified facilities meet the EPA’s strict energy performance standards, use less energy, are less expensive to operate, and have lower carbon footprints than typical buildings. reBuild is qualified to verify a building’s Portfolio Manager data, conduct the indoor environmental quality assessment, and sign off on the ENERGY STAR’s Statement of Energy Performance. These items are required to earn an ENERGY STAR rating.

Building Commissioning

Building commissioning is a very systematic process to verify that a building’s energy-consuming systems are installed and functionally as intended by the owner and the design teams. The commissioning process saves time and money, both during the construction process by catching potential problems earlier and in energy reductions during operation. A building can be designed as efficiently as possible, however if the systems are not installed and operating as intended by the design, it can still be incredibly inefficient. reBuild can perform commissioning services on most tenant improvement projects and has partnered with Glumac, a west-coast based MEP and commissioning firm, for larger commissioning projects. We are qualified in providing all of the LEED required tasks and documentation for both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning activities.
Clients include:
Washington Square Dental, San Francisco CA (LEED ID+C Silver)
Dropbox, San Francisco