07 Nov 2011

Alhambra Data Center

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Project: Alhambra Data Center
Architect: Callison
MEP Designer: Glumac
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Energy Modeler: Glumac
LEED Project Team Administrator: Callison
LEED MEP Team Coordinator: reBuild Consulting, LLC

This single-story, 62,000 square foot data center in Alhambra, CA is pursuing LEED BD+C Gold Certification. This data center’s sustainable measures include cutting edge energy efficient design and a rainwater harvesting system.

In addition to basic sustainable site development including stormwater management, alternative transportation planning, etc., the data center project was constructed on an existing brownfield. This brownfield had to be environmentally restored in order to become an appropriate site for urban development. The project also incorporates various water reduction strategies, including water-efficient landscaping, low-flow plumbing fixtures and a 2000 gallon rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater collected on-site is used to flush toilet and urinal fixtures, which contributes to an overall water savings of 53.2%. The overall energy reduction of the project is 36.7%, which is incredibly significant, considering the large server load, which does not contribute to the project’s energy savings.
The project used a considerable amount of recycled and regional materials, and diverted over 75% of its construction and demolition waste. It used low-emitting paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, flooring systems, and composite wood products. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is also of the highest priority, not only incorporating IAQ management plans, but also designing for increased ventilation rates and installing CO2 sensors and air flow monitoring sensors to ensure the appropriate amount of fresh air is entering the building. The occupants are also getting the benefit of comprehensive thermal comfort and ergonomics plans to optimize their indoor environmental quality.
As the LEED MEP Coordinator on this project, reBuild not only advised the engineers on the project on how to incorporate and design the “green” aspects of the building, but also completed all of the documentation associated with all engineering-related credits on the project. Although, as the energy model was completed by Glumac, reBuild did not participate in documenting any credits involving the energy simulation.

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